Frequently Asked Questions

+ Should I ask my GP to check my moles?

NHS GPs have insufficient time to check all of your moles (we provide our specialist nurses with 45 minutes).

In addition, most GPs are not trained to diagnose skin cancer. 1 in 3 people with melanoma skin cancer are misdiagnosed by their GP, leading to life-threatening delays in treatment averaging 13 months. See The Guardian 21/9/16.

The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman Report 2012 also reported the experience of a patient where, despite visiting his GP practice on 6 different occasions and seeing several GPs, it took the GPs almost 10 months to diagnose and treat his melanoma correctly.

+ Are your services available on the NHS?

Our MOLECheck™ and MOLEMap™ services are not available on the NHS. Our TELEDerm® service is available from a select number of NHS GPs. To find out if your GP offers TELEDerm®, please contact your GP.

+ Which of your services should I book?

Book MOLECheck™ if you wish to be screened for abnormal moles at risk of skin cancer. Consider also booking MOLEMap™ if you wish to track your moles over time to spot any new or changing moles at risk of skin cancer . Book TELEDerm® if you wish just one mole diagnosed.

+ How often should I book MOLECheck™ and MOLEMap™

Most adults should book MOLECheck™ and MOLEMap™ annually, although if you are in a higher risk group for melanoma you should consider booking both every six months.

+ How long do your services take?

A MOLECheck™ normally takes 45 minutes. A MOLEMap™ takes 30 minutes. A TELEDerm® diagnosis of a single mole takes 15 minutes with results available within 3 business days.

+ How much do your services cost?

A MOLECheck™ costs £145, a MOLEMap™ costs £145 and a TELEDerm® costs £50 for one mole diagnosis and £35 for subsequent mole diagnosis.

+ Do you offer any discounts?

We offer £5 off if you book any screening service online. We offer £15 off if you and a friend or family member both book MOLECheck™ or MOLEMap™ for the same date and time. We also offer £15 off if you book both MOLECheck™ and MOLEMap™ for the same date and time. Please note only one discount - the highest applicable - is available for any booking.

+ Do you offer interest free finance?

Yes, we offer 0% interest over 6 months subject only to a small deposit - subject to status.

+ Who would I see at The MOLE Clinic?

For MOLECheck™ you will be seen by a trained specialist nurse. For MOLEMap™, you will be seen by a healthcare assistant and for TELEDerm® you will be seen by either a specialist nurse or a healthcare assistant.

+ What happens if the nurse identifies a suspect mole during a MOLECheck™?

If the nurse identifies a suspect mole, you will be offered the option of our TELEDerm® service for diagnosis by a skin specialist doctor.

+ What does the TELEDerm® service involve?

The nurse will use a special microscope called a dermatoscope and a digital camera to record an image beneath the surface of the mole. Your image and a detailed clinical history will then be remotely assessed by a skin specialist doctor and you will receive a MOLE Clinic Report within 3 business days with further advice.

+ What happens if I decline the TELEDerm® service after a MOLECheck™?

If you choose not to use the TELEDerm® service, you will receive a Report which you can take to your GP requesting referral to an NHS specialist.

+ What happens if I see a specialist with a MOLE Clinic™ Report?

The specialist will confirm a diagnosis for your mole and advise whether your mole requires treatment, which usually means excision and biopsy as a precaution.

+ Can The MOLE Clinic™ refer me to a specialist privately?

Yes, we can refer clients who have used our TELEDerm® service to highly experienced consultant dermatologists or consultant surgeons who are approved by BUPA and AXA PPP.

+ I have private health insurance - will this cover the cost of your services?

Most private health insurance companies do not cover the cost of MOLECheck™, MOLEMap™ or TELEDerm® because they are classified as primary care screening and diagnosis, although most do cover the costs of removal of a suspect mole if subsequently required.

+ Are your services safe if I'm pregnant?

Yes, all of our screening and diagnostic services are non invasive and completely safe for everyone, including pregnant women. However, we do not recommend MOLEMap™ if you are visibly pregnant as changing body shape can make image comparisons more difficult.

+ Are your services available to children?

Sorry, no - our services are only available to adults over 18.

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