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Skin cancer screening. Saves lives, makes sense.

In the UK, most of us face a 1 in 10 risk of a skin cancer during our lives. Risk increases for those with a history of sunburn or sunbed use. Skin cancer starts as a new or changing mole or freckle and detected early it is easily removed. Have you had your moles checked?


Looking after your skin.
Reassuring your mind.

The MOLE Clinic® is an award-winning, dermatologist-led skin lesion clinic. Established 2003, we lead the UK in skin cancer screening and mole removal (for biopsy & cosmetic reasons). Our specialist nurses and GPs, consultant dermatologists and plastic surgeons deliver the highest quality clinical care to 40,000 patients every year.

I like the idea of The MOLE Clinic, a one stop mole check shop that does moles and moles alone.
— The Observer

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