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The MOLE Clinic are specialists in smart skincare - keeping you safe from skin cancer and helping you look younger and feeling your best.

Winners of the Patient Safety Awards, our highest quality, award-winning dermatology & surgical services start at just £45.

The MOLE Clinic® is at Oxford Circus, Bank/Moorgate & Harrods, London.

Call 0800 023 4212.

Stay safe with The MOLE Clinic®. 

Mole Checks

Mole Checks

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. It is caused by sunburns and sun-beds. Those with moles or freckles are at higher risk.

Early detection saves lives and regular mole checks at The MOLE Clinic® are an effective safeguard against skin cancer.

From £45.

Mole Removal

Mole Removal

We offer fast-tracked removal and testing of moles which are at higher risk for skin cancer

We also offer removal of moles which are simply unsightly or inconvenient.

All mole removals are provided exclusively by highly experienced BUPA-approved consultants.

From £315.

Look great with The MOLE Clinic®.

Skin Aesthetics

Skin Aesthetics

We offer anti-wrinkle and lip-filler treatments and non-surgical facelifts for younger, smoother looking skin.

We also offer confidence-boosting anti-perspiration treatments.

All our treatments are provided exclusively by highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners, using market-leading products.

From £225. Book your FREE consultation today. 

The MOLE Clinic is a first class service
and I would urge everyone to make a visit.
— Stella Magazine, Sunday Telegraph

Our Accolades

Patient Safety in Primary Care' - Patient Safety Awards Winner * 'Diagnostic Provider of the Year' - HealthInvestor Awards finalist. * 'Best use of IT to promote patient safety' - eHealth Insider BT Awards finalist. * 'Patient Safety in Diagnosis' – Patient Safety Awards finalist. * 'Telehealth & Telecare Provider of the Year' - HealthInvestor Awards finalist. * 'Entrepreneurial Achievement' - Laing Buisson Healthcare Awards finalist.

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Our patient list may read like a copy of Who's Who, but our discreet, first class services are available to everyone - with prices starting at just £45.

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