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I like the idea of The MOLE Clinic - a ‘one-stop’ mole check shop that does moles and moles alone.
— The Observer
The MOLE Clinic is a first class service. Everyone should go.
— Stella Magazine, Telegraph

The MOLE Clinic is an award-winning, dermatologist-led skin lesion clinic. Established 2003, we lead the UK in:

  1. Skin cancer screening

  2. Mole removal (suspect & cosmetic)

  3. Mole Reports for NHS GPs.

Our specialist nurses and GPs, consultant dermatologists and plastic surgeons deliver the highest quality clinical care to 40,000 patients every year.

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Our London Clinics


Oxford Circus

9 Argyll Street W1F 7TG


7 Moorgate EC2R 6AF


Harrods Pharmacy


Skin Cancer Screening

"With a one in five chance of skin cancer, we believe prevention is better than cure. So we book mole checks at The MOLE Clinic every year."

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Mole Removal

“I want the best for my skin -
so I trust the Consultants at The MOLE Clinic.”

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Mole Reporting Service for NHS GPs

“An extremely effective, quick, cost efficient & safe skin lesion referral service for our NHS patients.”

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