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Client Reviews

Press Reviews

The MOLE Clinic assessed my skin visually then a couple of moles were imaged. I give The MOLE Clinic 10 out of 10.
— Carol Vorderman, Closer Magazine
Early screening can save your life, so I highly recommend the MOLE Clinic.
— Saga Magazine
When I wanted a hospital check-up, I had to wait two months for an appointment. I should have gone to The MOLE Clinic.
— The Telegraph
The MOLE Clinic service is effective diagnostically and educationally. The screening and the trained nurses teach people what to look out for.
— Dr Stuttaford, The Times

Celebrity Reviews

Emilia Fox

Emily Fox

“If you care about your skin at all I highly recommend a visit to The MOLE Clinic - a quick, friendly and reassuring service. Why wait for a problem? If you visit sooner for regular check-ups there won’t be one.”

Donna Air

Donna Air

“It is comforting to know I can make regular trips to The MOLE Clinic to get my moles checked. I recommend everyone attend The MOLE Clinic.”


Sean Pertwee

“I highly recommend The MOLE Clinic. My visit gave me real peace of mind and the nurse educated me about what I should look out for. I would advise that everyone gets a full mole check as it could save your life.”

Denise Van Outen

“I visit The MOLE Clinic to have my moles checked regularly. The experts there are very thorough and reassuring - they really know their stuff.”


Tamzin Outhwaite

“Getting my moles checked at The MOLE Clinic was informative and reassuring. The Nurse was very friendly and helpful and put my mind at rest. I make regular visits and tell everyone I know to go.”


Fay Ripley

“As many girls did in their 20s, I was never off the sun bed - which I now regret. I recently visited The MOLE Clinic for a screening - what a great service!”

Jodie Kidd

“The MOLE Clinic is a brilliant innovation – it means you can get all your moles properly checked out which is very important. It is quick and easy and I would recommend it to everyone.”


Patsy Palmer

“I would advise everyone to get their moles checked for signs of skin cancer. I have regular checks at The MOLE Clinic. The service is quick, sympathetic and professional.”

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