The MOLE Clinic

It all started when...

Lawyer Iain Mack was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in 2001. Iain was shocked to learn that a person diagnosed with melanoma in the UK is twice as likely to die from the disease as someone diagnosed in Australia. He travelled to Brisbane to find out why and learned from Australian doctors that they screen for skin cancer and are experts at early detection.

Iain Mack founded The MOLE Clinic® in 2003 and pioneered skin cancer screening in the UK. Iain is Managing Director and leads our team of specialist nurses, expert GPs and dedicated consultants who share a passion for early detection.

Iain was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in 2005.

Iain Mack, Founder & CEO

Iain Mack, Founder & CEO

…and today

The MOLE Clinic® leads the way in skin cancer screening - looking after 30,000 private patients, most of whom return year after year, and providing 10,000 Mole Reports to NHS GPs annually.

Our Skin Cancer Screening Nurse Training Programme is the only one accredited by the Royal College of Nursing. We are recognised by BUPA and all major insurers and we are approved suppliers of skin cancer diagnostics to the NHS.

We are proud winners of the Patient Safety Award and our 2018 Care Quality Inspection confirmed we meet all quality and safety standards.

We have been featured on BBC & ITN News and most quality newspapers and magazines.

We have helped save countless lives. And of course our reviews speak for themselves.


Watch an introduction to Skin Cancer & The MOLE Clinic by Dr Amelie Seghers, Consultant Dermatologist

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to save lives by reducing the mortality rate of skin cancer in the UK. We believe prevention is better than cure, so our focus is on early detection.

We make our vision a reality by

  • educating the public about the importance of avoiding excessive UV exposure and advising the public about high risk groups for melanoma.

  • providing high quality:

    • skin cancer screening services by registered nurses.

    • mole reporting service by specialist GPs.

    • skin lesion removal service by BUPA-recognised Consultants.

We always

  • put patients first - treating everyone fairly, openly and honestly.

  • help our staff - providing outstanding training and support to provide high quality care to our patients. 

  • embrace UK Clinical Guidelines - meeting the highest standards of excellence and safety.

  • embrace new technology to innovate to improve patient outcomes and patient experience.

We are succeeding in our mission. We regularly detect numerous life-threatening skin cancers - almost all of which are detected early and are therefore easily treated.


Awards & accolades

  • ‘Patient Safety in Primary Care' — Patient Safety Awards Winner

  • 'Diagnostic Provider of the Year' — HealthInvestor Awards finalist

  • 'Best use of IT to promote patient safety' — eHealth Insider BT Awards finalist

  • 'Patient Safety in Diagnosis' — Patient Safety Awards finalist

  • 'Telehealth & Telecare Provider of the Year' — HealthInvestor Awards finalist

  • 'Entrepreneurial Achievement' — Laing Buisson Healthcare Awards finalist


Our clinical team

 Our management team

The MOLE Clinic is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.
— Care Quality Commission 2018