When your staff stay well, everyone benefits

We charge a minimum screening fee of £1250 per day and our visiting screening nurse will screen up to 10 staff members per day - a saving of £20 per person. The company then has the option to recharge all or part of those fees to participating staff or to provide the service as a staff benefit.

We can also immediately offer the option of our Single Mole Report service to staff who are found to have a suspect mole, with any additional TELEDerm® fees payable by staff at the end of the screening.

We also offer company staff discounts at our London clinics for companies with 50 or more staff.

As part of our commitment to staff wellbeing, The Mole Clinic provided self-funded screening for employees on our premises. We ran three sessions and 30 employees attended. Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this service to others.
— Claire Bright, HR Manager, MacFarlanes Solicitors

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