"Like most couples, we have a one in five chance of a skin cancer during our lives. That's why we have our moles screened by The MOLE Clinic every year. Because our health matters." 


The MOLE Clinic™
 Looking after your skin. Reassuring your mind.

Skin cancer is the UK's most common cancer and it starts as an abnormal or new or changing mole. We are the UK's leading independent skin cancer screening, diagnostic and mole removal service.

We save lives by detecting skin cancer early. We achieve this by screening for abnormal and new or changing moles for expert diagnosis and removal by skin specialists.

Skin cancer screening and mole removal.

Book online or call 020 7734 1177. Because your health matters.

I like the idea of The MOLE Clinic, a one stop mole check shop that does moles and moles alone.
— The Observer

Our Services

MOLECheck™ - £135

MOLECheck™ provides a 'top to toe' check by a specialist nurse to screen for abnormal moles, with results available immediately. Takes 45 mins.


Have your moles checked out by the pros. We recommend that you sign up for the full Mole Check.
— Men's Health

MOLEMap™ - £95

MOLEMap™ provides 'state of the art' total body photography to screen for new or changing moles, with results at follow-up sessions. Takes 30 - 45 mins.


Mole photography is the genius of The MOLE Clinic operation.
— The Times


Book both your MOLECheck™ & MOLEMap™ for the same day and your MOLECheck™ costs just £95. Takes 60 minutes. Recommended for people with lots of moles. Saving £40

Book a MOLECheck™ with a friend or relative for the same day and the cost for each of you is reduced from £135 to £120. Total saving £30.

TELEDerm® - £50 per mole

TELEDerm® uses advanced tele-dermoscopy to provide specialist diagnosis of an abnormal, new or changing mole, with most results available next day. Takes 15 mins.


The MOLE Clinic offers the most thorough and technologically advanced techniques for skin cancer diagnosis in the UK.
— The Times

Mole Removal - from £495

Our mole removal service provides fast, expert removal of suspect or unsightly moles by experienced consultant surgeons and dermatologists. An initial consultation with a consultant costs £125.


I like the idea of The MOLE Clinic, a one stop mole check shop that does moles and moles alone.
— The Observer

Pre-paid Vouchers

Do you have a friend or relative who has not had their moles checked? Why not show them you care with a MOLECheck™ or MOLEMap™ pre-paid voucher?

Company Screening - £950 per day


Our MOLECheck™ screening service is available within the workplace for staff of London-based companies.

We charge a flat rate screening fee per day and our visiting screening nurses will each screen 10 staff members per day. 

All the company needs to supply is a private, well lit room and a secure WIFI connection. 


Call 020 7734 1177 for more information.

The Mole Clinic provided screening for staff on our premises. Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this service.
— C Bright, HR Manager, Macfarlanes Solicitors, London

Did you know more than 1 in 3 melanoma skin cancers appear in those aged under 55 and it is the second most common cancer in those aged 15 to 34?

I have a relative whose melanoma was missed by his GP inspecting a suspect mole, so I went to the MOLE Clinic. I was given the all clear but I was in the above-average risk category and advised to have annual checks - which I certainly will now I know how easy it is.
— London Evening Standard
The MOLE Clinic service is effective diagnostically and educationally. The screening and the trained nurses teach people what to look out for.
— Dr Stuttaford, The Times

Book online or call 020 7734 1177