Mole Checks now at selected Tesco Pharmacies.

From £30. No appointment required. 

 Mole Checking at Tesco Pharmacy

Mole Checking at Tesco Pharmacy

Now you can have up to 3 moles checked for skin cancer at selected Tesco Pharmacies. 

A member of the Tesco Pharmacy team will record information about you and your mole or moles, and high quality images will be taken, for secure transfer to The MOLE Clinic® for diagnosis by a skin specialist doctor.

You will receive a Mole Screen Report from The MOLE Clinic® by email within 3 business days, confirming if your mole is normal or abnormal. If your mole is abnormal, you should take your Report to your GP for further action as soon as possible.

Mole Screening at Tesco Pharmacy costs £30 for 1 mole, £50 for 2 moles and £65 for 3 moles.

Mole Screening at Tesco Pharmacy is recommended if you have a mole or moles which are new or changing, unusual in appearance or causing you concern. 

Mole screening is available at the following Tesco Pharmacies

Tesco Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 2LA

Tesco Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex BN43 6TD