Mole Diagnosis

TELEDerm® - Single Mole Check

The MOLE Clinic offers the most thorough and technologically advanced techniques for skin cancer diagnosis in the UK
— The Times


TELEDerm® provides fast, expert diagnosis of an abnormal, new or changing mole which may be suspect for skin cancer.

A consultation begins with a specialist nurse recording any risk factors you may have for skin cancer. You will be advised on your personal risk of skin cancer and appropriate preventative steps you should take.

A dermatoscope (an illuminated microscope) and a digital camera is then used to record an image 1 - 2 mm beneath the surface of the mole. 

This usually takes 15 minutes.

The image and a detailed clinical history will then be remotely assessed by a skin specialist doctor.

You will receive a MOLE Clinic™ Report within 3 business days (usually the following day) with a diagnosis and a recommendation.

If your Report recommends referral to a specialist for biopsy or treatment, we can arrange a rapid private referral to a highly experienced consultant dermatologist or consultant surgeon or you can take your Report to your GP.

TELEDerm® is recommended if:

  • you only want a single mole check
  • you are found to have an abnormal mole following  MOLECheck™
  • you are found to have a new or changing mole following a MOLEMap™

The cost of TELEDerm® is reduced to £30 per Report if during a MOLECheck™ or MOLEMap™.