Widow's plea to take skin cancer seriously after bond dealer dies

A lawyer who lost her husband to skin cancer nine months after their wedding has pleaded with other young Londoners to protect themselves against the “aggressive” disease.

Lesley Olsen, 32, said it was a “complete shock” when her husband Andrew Thomas,33, was diagnosed with melanoma, as he never sunbathed and had no family history of the cancer.

She said: “A lot of young men tend to think they’re invincible. Andrew was one of those people. My advice would be that you have got to take these things seriously. A lot of people are very unaware of how serious melanoma is.”

Thomas, a bond broker, died aged 33 in June last year. After being diagnosed with melanoma in early 2011 he and Lesley moved back to the UK from Hong Kong, where they had been working. He had initially been diagnosed after tests on a mole on his chest. Evening Standard.

Iain Mack