Teacher, 32, is battling skin cancer for the fourth time despite never using sunbeds

A fit and healthy PE teacher lives under the dark cloud of her skin cancer returning, having suffered four bouts of the disease - despite never using a sunbed.

Becky Giddins' melanoma relapsed three times since she was first diagnosed in April 2007. The 32-year-old suffered her fourth relapse in January, just a week after returning from her honeymoon.

Reliving her diagnosis, she said: 'When they told me it was cancer I didn’t know how to react - I was on my own and it really didn’t sink in.' It only hit me when the doctors told me the mole was cancerous and it had be removed.' I was completely shocked, but relieved that they had removed it.' I have never been on a sunbed in my life - not even to build up a base tan before going on holiday.

'As part of my job and coaching I’m outside a lot but, because I’m naturally fairly skinned, I’ve always worn sunscreen. 'The skin cancer was first discovered after a weird mole on Mrs Giddins’ calf changed colour and became scabby. On visiting the doctor, a biopsy confirmed the growth was cancerous which meant the mole was removed along with a surrounding 2cm of skin.

The teacher is working to raise awareness of skin cancer, starting a fund, to which £2,500 has already been donated, for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity's Skin Cancer Fund. Along with his brother Ian, cousin and five close friends, Mr Giddins will climb the highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in July.To donate to the cause visit Mr Giddins' Just Giving page. Daily Mail 23/5/14

Iain Mack