I’m dying at 30 because doctors ignored my cancerous mole

Jodi Akhurst

Jodi Akhurst

A father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer after a specialist told him three times that a suspicious mole was nothing to worry about.

Jordi Akhurst was referred to a dermatologist after spotting the mark on his back but despite three visits in nine months, he was sent away.

The maths teacher, 30, eventually convinced his GP to remove the mole but when the test results came back, he was told he had skin cancer.

Despite having three operations to remove the infected tissue in 2007, Mr Akhurst’s body is now riddled with the disease, with 50 tumours across his brain, heart, adrenal glands and lymph nodes. He said: ‘My GP ended up removing [the mole] as a favour. They’re obliged to send it away for tests and a week later I had a phone call from the hospital in a complete state of panic.

‘I went in and was put in a room with a few people who were extremely apologetic, including a specialist cancer nurse and the dermatologist, who I haven’t seen since. London Metro 17/6/14

Iain Mack