Skin cancer screening.
Saves lives - makes sense.

The MOLE Clinic service is effective diagnostically and educationally.
— Dr Stuttaford, The Times
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Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. It is caused by sunburns and sunbeds. Those with moles or freckles are at higher risk.

Early detection saves lives, so regular mole checks and mole mapping by female specialist nurses at The MOLE Clinic® are an effective safeguard against skin cancer.

And you can book direct right now - no GP referral is required.

Effective safeguards against skin cancer - from just £50.

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Screening Services

Single Mole Report

Dermoscopic assessment by a remote specialist doctor - recommended for visually abnormal moles, new or changing moles or for an expert second opinion.

£30 if following a Mole Check or Mole Mapping.

Also available via selected Tesco pharmacies.

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Book now - £50.

Adult Whole Body Mole Check

Top to toe check for visually abnormal moles by a female specialist nurse - recommended for all adults.

Includes check for Atypical Mole Syndrome.

Save £30 if booked for two.

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Book now for 1 person - £145

Book now for 2 persons - £260 (save £30)

Whole Body Mole Mapping

Laser-guided imaging to check for new or changing moles - recommended for adults with many moles or moles on the back. Includes a Whole Body Mole Check.

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Book now for 1 person - £260.

Book now for 2 persons - £460 (save £60)

Teenager Whole Body Mole Check

Top to toe examination by a specialist Paediatric Dermatologist for children aged 13 to 17.

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Book now - £275.