Our Fees

Nurse Mole Screening Services:

  • MOLECheck - £145
  • MOLEMap - £145
  • MOLECheck & MOLEMap - £275

Specialist GP Mole Diagnostic Service:

  • TELEDerm (initial appointment) - £50
  • TELEDerm (follow-up appointment) - £30
  • TELEDerm (during MOLECheck or MOLEMap) - £30

Consultant Services:

  • Initial Consultation Service - £145
  • Skin Lesion Removal Procedures:
    • Mole removal without sutures - £170
    • Mole removal with sutures - £370
    • Removal of additional moles - £100 per mole

Pathologist Report Service:

  • 1 - 3 moles - £90
  • 4 - 6 moles - £154
  • 7 - 9 moles - £231

We believe in transparency of pricing so that patients know exactly what their fees will be in advance of any treatment that they receive

The standard price list is for self funding patients and includes all fees relating to the consultant and clinic fees, including pathology as required. Payment is normally required on the day of treatment net of any deposit paid at booking.

Patients with medical insurance are charged in accordance with their insurers agreed fee guidelines and it is guaranteed that fees will be paid in full subject to any policy excess or exclusion. Confirmation of cover can be obtained when pre-authorisation is obtained for treatment. For patients using their medical insurance to cover the charges, in accordance with industry standard practice, fees are only levied by The Mole Clinic for the clinic element and the Consultant and pathology provider will submit their bills separately.

Any fee balance due is payable in full immediately following service delivery.