Did you know melanoma is the second most common cancer in younger adults?

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Are you at risk of skin cancer? 

Skin cancer is our most common cancer. Detected early it is easily removed, but caught late it can kill. Most of us face around a one in ten chance of a skin cancer, so regular skin cancer checks make sense.

Melanoma skin cancer is the most dangerous type. Melanoma usually appears as a mole - perhaps an unusual looking mole, or a new mole, or a changing mole or an itchy mole.

Melanoma  - What You Need To Know

  • Melanoma rates in Great Britain have risen faster over the last thirty years than any of the current top ten cancers.
  • Melanoma is disproportionately high - now the second most common cancer - in younger adults.  
  • Melanoma is more common in people from the most affluent areas.
  • Melanoma is almost twice as common in young women as in young men, but more men die from it - because more women have their moles checked.

Melanoma - Are You At Higher Risk

You are up to 10 times more likely to have a melanoma if you have:

  • freckles.
  • a lot of moles or unusually shaped or large moles.
  • used sunbeds.
  • had sunburn.
  • had melanoma.
  • a family history of melanoma.

Melanoma - What You Need To Do

All adults should have a full body mole check at least once. Any adults at higher risk should have a full body mole check each year. Any adults with lots of moles or those who find it difficult to regularly monitor their own moles for new or changing moles should also have mole mapping each year.