MOLEMap - £145 per session

Mole photography is the genius of The MOLE Clinic operation.
— The Times


MOLEMap is mole mapping to help you track your moles over time to identify new or changing moles which may be suspect for skin cancer. 

We use the innovative FotoFinder® Bodystudio® system, with laser-guided positioning, to automatically photograph all four sides of your body from head to toe, including palms and soles.

At each session, you will receive an encrypted USB stick with at least 20 separate images, capturing all your visible moles and freckles, for you to keep and compare over time.  

At follow up sessions, provided your body shape and appearance have not changed, we can also use SmartMatch® technology to automatically compare new images with saved images from the previous session to help highlight any new or changed moles - at no extra charge. 

If a new or changing mole is identified, you then have the option to have the mole quickly diagnosed by a specialist doctor with our TELEDerm® service (additional charges apply).

 SmartMatch® technology automatically highlights new or changed moles in RED. 

SmartMatch® technology automatically highlights new or changed moles in RED. 

An initial MOLEMap™ session takes 30 mins and a follow-up MOLEMap™ session takes 45 mins. 

Your first follow-up session should be 6 months after your initial session. Further follow-up sessions should then be every 12 months (or every 6 months for high risk patients).

MOLEMap™ is not recommended for visibly pregnant woman as body shape changes make it difficult for SmartMatch® to compare images.

Our MOLEMap™ service is recommended for adults with lots of moles or those who find it difficult to spot new or changing moles.

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Those who have not been screened for abnormal moles should also book MOLECheck™, in addition to MOLEMap™. 

MOLECheck™ & MOLEMap™ combined costs £275 - save £15

or £45 per month over 6 months (£5 deposit and 0% finance.)

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