MOLECheck - £145

Head to The MOLE Clinic to have your moles checked out by the pros. Yes, they really are the professional mole-checkers. We recommend that you sign up for the full mole check.
— Men's Health

Mole Check

MOLECheck™ is our highly popular full body mole check service, which identifies any abnormal moles which may be at risk of skin cancer. 

Each consultation begins with a specialist nurse recording any risk factors you may have for skin cancer. The nurse will advise you on your personal risk of skin cancer, appropriate preventative steps you should take and how you can spot the main signs of any skin cancer in future.

You will then have the option to undress (most patients opt to undress to underwear) and the nurse will comprehensively check all of your visible moles and freckles, literally from 'head to toe', to identify any that appear abnormal. 

MOLECheck™ provides most patients with welcome reassurance. However, if an abnormal mole is identified then you will have the option to have this mole quickly diagnosed for skin cancer with our TELEDerm® service (for which additional charges would apply). 

MOLECheck™ normally takes around 45 mins, although this can vary depending on the number of moles you have.

All adults should have a MOLECheck™ at least once. Adults in a high risk group for skin cancer should have a MOLECheck™ annually.

Adults with lots of moles should also have a MOLEMap™ for mole mapping  annually.

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Those with many moles may wish to book MOLEMap™, in addition to MOLECheck™, to also screen for new and changing moles. 

Book both MOLECheck™ and MOLEMap™ - save £15.

or £45 per month over 6 months (£5 deposit and 0% finance.)

The MOLE Clinic service is effective diagnostically and educationally. The screening and the trained nurses teach people what to look out for.
— Dr T Stuttaford, The Times

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