Single Mole Scan

Our innovative Mole Scanning System provides a fast, expert assessment of a mole and is designed for people who are only concerned about one or two moles or have had a mole diagnosed by their GP and would like a specialist second opinion.

Single Mole Scans are also available to our Full Body Mole Check and Mole Map patients with a visually abnormal or new or changing mole at a reduced cost of £30.

A dermatoscope and a digital camera are used to record an image 1 - 2 mm beneath the surface of the mole. The image is remotely assessed by a skin specialist doctor and a Mole Scan Report and advice issued within 3 days (usually the following day).

If your Mole Scan Report advises a biopsy, we can offer a rapid referral to a consultant dermatologist. Our Mole Scan Reports are accepted by major private medical insurance companies.

Single Mole Scans cost from £30 per report.

I went to my GP with a changing mole and was told it was nothing to worry about. Then I visited The MOLE Clinic - it was early melanoma. It’s scary to think what could have happened.
— J. Saunders, 37, Suffolk