Mole Removal

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Cosmetic Moles

When you want an unsightly or inconvenient mole, skin tag or other skin lesion removed for cosmetic reasons, you can be confident you are in the safest hands at The MOLE Clinic.

This is because our skin lesion removal service is provided by consultant plastic surgeons, all highly experienced and expert in the diagnosis and removal of all types of skin lesions. 

With The MOLE Clinic, you can be sure of the best possible cosmetic outcomes.

Our Mole Removal fees are listed below. 0% Finance available.

The MOLE Clinic is a first class service. Everyone should go.
— Stella Magazine, Sunday Telegraph
Suspect Mole

Suspect Moles

All MOLE Clinic patients with a Mole Report which assesses a mole as suspect for skin cancer benefit from rapid referral to a MOLE Clinic Consultant Dermatologist - no waiting lists!

And, if you have private medical insurance, our fees for removal of suspect moles are covered by most medical insurers - simply call your insurer with the name of your MOLE Clinic Consultant to confirm cover and obtain a Pre-Authorisation Number and we will bill your insurer directly.

If you do not have private medical insurance, our Mole Removal fees are listed below.

When I wanted a hospital check-up, I had to wait two months for an appointment. I then waited two hours and was seen for little longer than two minutes. I should have gone to The MOLE Clinic.
— The Telegraph

Mole Removal Fees

Pre-Procedure Consultation £150

All patients interested in skin lesion removal require a Pre-Procedure Consultation to meet their consultant and to discuss:

  • what type of skin lesion they have and which procedure is recommended

  • the procedure price below, what is involved and recovery

  • likely outcomes and extent to which these meet your expectations

  • any risks and complications

  • the option of doing nothing and any alternative options and their implications.

The Pre-Procedure Consultation fee is payable in full at booking. Following your Consultation, you may opt not to proceed or to proceed immediately with your procedure which is subject to an additional fee below payable in full immediately following your procedure.


Additional Procedure Fees


Mole Removal Procedures from £360

  • Removal of 1 mole - £360.

  • Removal of additional moles - £100 per additional mole.

Most mole removals are non-sutured. In a minority of cases, sutures are required which costs an additional £125. A suspect mole will require also a pathology report which costs an additional £100.

There is no additional fee for a follow-up appointment if required to remove any sutures.

Procedure Fees are payable in addition to Pre-Procedure Consultation Fees above.


Skin Tag Removal Procedures from £170

  • Removal of 1 wart or 1-5 skin tags - £170.

  • Removal of 2 warts or 6-10 skin tags - £270.

  • Removal of 3 warts or 11-15 skin tags - £370.

  • Removal of additional warts or skin tags - on request.

Skin tag and wart removal fees above are on the basis that sutures, a histopathological report or a follow-up appointment are not required.

Procedure Fees are payable in addition to Pre-Procedure Consultation Fees above.

0% Finance available