Full Body Mole Map

Our most comprehensive safeguard against skin cancer recommended for adults with a large number of moles or those needing help to monitor their skin. Mole Map uses total body photography combined with the latest technology to help detect new or changing moles.

At your initial visit a female nurse specialist will provide a Full Body Mole Check to screen for visually atypical moles or non-healing sores. Your nurse then uses the innovative Bodystudio® system, featuring laser-guided positioning, to auto image all your visible moles.

The nurse will recommend when you should return for a Mole Map Follow-up appointment*, when new images are taken by the nurse specialist and compared side-by-side with previous images to help detect any new or changing moles which may be suspect for skin cancer.

Mole Map provides most patients with welcome additional reassurance. For those with a suspect mole, your nurse can arrange rapid, expert diagnosis and removal by a specialist doctor.

A Mole Map appointment (including Full Body Mole Check) costs £245 and normally takes 60 mins.

Mole photography is the genius of The MOLE Clinic operation.
— The Times

**The recommendation, based on your personal risk factors, will be between 3 months for very high risk patients and 12 months for average risk patients. Most patients are recommended to return in 12months.

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