Full Body Mole Check

An essential safeguard against skin cancer for all adults - a ‘head to toe’ full body examination by a female specialist nurse.

Your nurse will confirm if you:

  • Have any visually atypical moles which require a Mole Scan by a doctor.

  • May be positive for Atypical Mole Syndrome, a disorder of the skin affecting 1 in 50 and which increases risk of melanoma by up to 10 times.


Recommended by doctors

Screening detects early cancer and saves lives. I was reassured by my all clear at my MOLE Clinic screening.
— Dr. Sarah Fane, GP, Berkshire
The most innocuous moles can be potential killers. I felt relieved that I had caught something potentially damaging early on. If The MOLE Clinic Screening Nurse hadn’t spotted it - I never would have.
— The Times