- Full Body Mole Check & Mole Map

“As a couple, we face a one in five chance of a skin cancer. That’s why we have a full body mole check at The MOLE Clinic every year. Because our health matters.”

Full Body Mole Check & Mole Map

MOLECheck™ - £135

An essential check for skin cancer for all adults with ANY moles or freckles. 


MOLECheck at The MOLE Clinic is a thorough full body mole check by a specialist nurse to check for visually abnormal moles, with results available immediately. Normally takes up to 45 mins.

Available at our Bank/Moorgate, Oxford Circus & Harrods Pharmacy MOLE Clinics. 

Have your moles checked out by the pros. We recommend that you sign up for the full body Mole Check.
— Men's Health

MOLEMap™ - £135

An additional check for skin cancer for all adults with MANY moles or freckles.

MOLEMap at The MOLE Clinic is 'state of the art' mole mapping, or total body photography, to check for new or changing moles, with results at follow-up sessions. Normally takes up to 30 mins.

Available at our Bank/Moorgate & Oxford Circus MOLE Clinics.

Mole photography is the genius of The MOLE Clinic operation.
— The Times

Save £15 if you book both MOLECheck & MOLEMap -  just £255

(or £42 per month over 6 months with £3 deposit and 0% finance.)

Save £15 if you and a friend or family member both book MOLECheck™ and/or MOLEMap™ for the same date and time. 

If you just want one mole diagnosed, please see TELEDerm - our single mole diagnosis service

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